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A mishap 2


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A younger "desk" got raged with a female manager of “desk”s.
One day, Satsuma was asked to go upstairs with him.

He complained, she had been having hairsplitting with his work and had often directed him to improve antagonizably whenever she had found small problems by him at work. And he asked Satsuma if it is appropriate to complain to the shortman of her bad manners. Satsuama answered that he should do it rightly.

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A mishap 1


“Mr.Satsuma? Who are you? What are you talking about?"
The short man replyed to Satsuma a little bit arrogantly sitting on the sofa in a reception room, showing that he couldn’t understand the reason why Satsuma had shown up to him.
Satsuma went there to greet him because of the transfer scheduled on the 1st of January to the department where he was managing as the president.

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Japanese swordsmen kill themselves


94 swordfighters in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces killed themselves in the 2004th fiscal year. It’s the biggest number in the past 5 years. Among them, there are the cases supposed to be caused by bully.
The sly predisposition to bully seems to have been traditionally set in Japanese personality from long ago before the 2nd world war.

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A 56-year-old watchman stands from 8 o’clock in the morning to 9 at night everyday around a bank ATM(Automatic Teller Machine)beside a station in Yokohama-city, Japan, guarding it from robbers.

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My name is Jiraux


My name is Jiraux.
It’s a pen name. Pronounced as [jirou] ,which is one of Japanese common names.The reason why I decided it as “Jiraux” is because it means the second naughty son in spite that I’m the first one.
Yes, I’m still wicked to a certain degree.

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