essay: Seize Japan - 04/2006

"Rakugo"  Comic storytelling


 One day all of a sudden, a cherry tree grew up from the top of a man’s head. It seemed because he had eaten a lot of cherries with pips.
 Soon gorgeous blossoms bloomed on the tree and became popular with people.
 Then, a lot of people came up on the top of his head and had a booze looking at the beautiful blossoms. People came everyday to have a booze.
 Quite noisy for him, the boss.

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Declination of recognition


 A gap between superficial recognition of our own selves and reality always bears a tragedy or comedy.

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Sakura  Cherry blossoms


 Could you read out the following Japanese poem repeatedly? At least 5 times.

Shikishima no
 Yamato-gokoro wo
  Hito towaba
Asahi ni niou
 Yamazakura bana

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