A mishap 2


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A younger "desk" got raged with a female manager of “desk”s.
One day, Satsuma was asked to go upstairs with him.

He complained, she had been having hairsplitting with his work and had often directed him to improve antagonizably whenever she had found small problems by him at work. And he asked Satsuma if it is appropriate to complain to the shortman of her bad manners. Satsuama answered that he should do it rightly.

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She was always frowning for some unknown reason. When she appeared, the atomosphere in the office became tense. But she easily changed her manner when she saw the boss, the short man.
Once in a kitchen of the office Satsuma came across the scene that she was telling the short man coquettishly:
“You could let us do anything because you are the top person here.”

It was when Satsuma just went there. The short man seemed to have been there to make his coffee for himself. She continued silently to serve him for making a cup of coffee. The short man looked pleasing to her compliance. He was smiling slightly looking at her serving act.
She was okay but short and fat.
According to inside information, a few years ago she got divorced 3 months after her marriage with a reporter in the company. He was supposed to have paid a lot of consolation money.

In the evening on the day of the conversation upstairs, the younger desk went to the president room and remonstrated that she had been quite rude with him showing specific examples and asked him to tell the reason why she could behave so offensively and told:
“If you think to allow her to continue such a rude manner even from now on, I cannot stay working here. Please make me changes at once.”

“Just a moment! I didn’t know how she had been acting toward everybody. I’ll check it. And I would settle the problem. Wait a few days.”

One day when Satsuma was at his desk, a coworker “desk” next him told that the president was calling Satsuma to his room.
On entering there with the coworker “desk”, Satsuma found the younger “desk” sitting on a sofa facing the short man. The short man instructed them to sit next him. The short man and 3 “desk”s faced each other.

“I’ve decided to demote her from the manager to a common desk from the 1st of April. She has been quite tired of lots of jobs dealing with the jobs for herself and has become depressive recently. That’s why she became so rude to everyone. The most responsible person for this result is you, Satsuma.You are the main cause of this trouble.You have stirred people,haven't you?”

The short man said and pointed Satsuma with his right forefinger.
“You haven’t assisted her and you cannot operate an editing computer, I’ve heard.”

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Satsuma was shocked in spite that he had been afraid of such a criticism by the short man. Persuading himself to stay calm within his mind, Satsuma replyed:

“You are wrong, president. I told her a lot of times that she should ask me to cope with any job because I would prepare for that always. But she told nothing so far. She tends to hold all the jobs in her arms without trusting anyone. I can operate the editing computer easily because I’ve been operating it for over 6 years. The way of operating it is quite simple. Your information about this issue is also wrong. You should check those informations impartially beforehand,I reckon.”

“No, I’m not wrong.! You’re wrong ! I’ve heard it also from the editor in chief correctly.”
The short man answered excitedly, and forced only Satsuma to get out from his room, moving his right hand fingers lifted up without saying any word.

Satsuma went out at once.And visualized the mortification of an silent ant.

In Satuma’s imagination,one ant was just squashed by a dull person who looked stuffy.The ant couldn’t even protest it to be killed.
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