A mishap 3


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The short man often shows up to the fat and short “desk” who sits next Satsuma to the left and whispers with the low voice which Satsuma could listen to.

“Where should we go tonight to drink? What about the inn called Umi at Shimbashi? The female owner of Umi is fairly tempting,isn’t she? ”

The president is supposed to have been spending not his money but the company's money for business for his private drinking by the certain workers who know something at the back of the company.

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According to the "desk"'s talk, the short man and he often go fishing by fishing boat to the sea.
He is in charge of checking the manuscripts for a fishing column on their paper,whose writer is an owner of a fishing shop and fishing boats.In spite that every manuscript consists of within only 500 words, the payment for it is 35,000yen (about 300 American dollars) every week.
Too expensive.
Satsuma suspects that the charge for private fishing boats for the short man and the "desk" could be contained in it behind the scenes.

The "desk" once worked with the short man in the Sapporo-branch of the newspaper,and became his follower.
He is in his late 40's and always have an air of importance.That must depend on the point where he have had quite good relationship with the short man.

He has brown skin. His face looks like that of an old turtle.And the short man is very much like a mouse which has shifty eyes.

The "desk" stinks of bad teeth anytime.

The short man seems to let Satsuma be envious of the next “desk” because of the closeness between the president and the “desk” and tempt Satsuma to be a copycat follower of the short man.
It is the short man’s way of winning the hearts of the people.

He is mean.
Satsuma has judged and thought:
"I know better.”

Satsuma remembers that another greasy “desk” told Satsuma one day:
“The president takes care of the subordinates who show obedient manners to him and let them promote, but he clears out the objectors broadly. Be careful.”
His story about the short man could've been warning from the president itself, Satsuma felt. The short man looks telling Satsuma,
“Let me feel comfortable with your devotion.”

But he doesn’t like to be docile to the shortman.For Satsuma it somehow means defeat.He hasn’t changed his attitude at all.

The short man has 6 loyal hangers-on within 8 “desk”s. The other 2 “desk”s are Satsuma and a younger “desk”. Satsuma cannot respect the short man because of his personality and nor can a younger “desk” because of the same reason.A younger “desk” was headhunted 10 years ago from another newspaper by the other participant of the newspaper.

6 “desk”s might intend to let the term with the short man go past or might want to get better posts in the future, always showing quite kind manners to him. Or simply they might be scared of him. Anyway their attitude could be wise.

Satsuma also knows how he should behave to the president but thinks that it’s strange for reporters and “desk” s to be submissive to a certain person only because he is qualified as a president.

“Where is your pride?”,
Satsuma feels like asking them.

Satsuma had to go to Otaru-city in Hokkaido to report tourist attractions there on a monthly magazine.It was not until 1 day before going there that a covering “desk” told Satsuma through e-mail, ”Accoding to your plan, you are going to spend 3 days there to cover.But you should reduce it to 2 days by rule.”

It was the “desk” itself who had told Satsuma 3 months before,
”Hokkaido is quite vast. It’ll take a lot of time for you to move. So you can spend 3 days.”

Satsuma went to him and pointed out the fact. But he answered repeatedly,
”I don’t know. I’m sure, I didn’t say that way. You should do it without breaking the rules.”

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This “desk” is told that he worked with the short man when he was a vice-manager of the department for culture of the newspaper but this "desk" was quarrelsome and fought another reporter. Eventually he came to get fired. And in a year he was employed again by the short man just after he became the president.

Maybe the short man really wanted his right hand who was likely to dedicate his life to him. It must have been the reason why the short man hired him again.

After Satsuma submitted the manuscript about Otaru-city,the covering "desk" e-mailed to Satsuma's PC:
”This manuscript has a lot of “I” tone. Please remove it rewriting.And from now about the manuscript, please talk with my assistant because I’m quite busy.”

His e-mailing itself was strange because he was sitting at the desk in diagonal direction to Satsuma and the distance between them was less than 2 meters.
Because of his request, Satsuma started talking with the assistant about the manuscript.She seemed in her late 20’s.

However, in a week Satsuma got informed of the rumor among the reporters that Satsuma had been bullying the assistant.
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