A mishap 4


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“The assistant would have been almost the same age as your daughter because you are 18 years older than she.”
The editor in chief called Satsuma to his room and began telling gravely. He looked like starting to talk Satsuma out of “bullying her”,which was the rumor among “desks” and reporters. The editor seemed to believe the rumor to be true.

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“Ah, you are talking of the story that I’ve been bullying the assistant. It’s a lie. I might have been often grumpy with her because the messages from the covering “desk” have been always bureaucratic as if he tried to antagonize me. Why should we exchange the opinions about the manuscript only through the assistant? He decided it selfishly without any consultation with me.Isn’t it strange? The distance between the covering “desk” and me is less than 2 meters. His desk is situated in the diagonal direction from mine. We can talk with each other sitting at desks.”

“What’s the story about?”
The editor in chief didn’t know of the strange conditions between the covering “desk” and Satsuma and seemed to have recognized that Satsuma’s “bullying” her was a frame-up due to Satsuma’s account.

Satsuma could guess the reasons why the covering “desk” had been showing such an annoying behavior with Satsuma.
There seemed to be 2 reasons.
One was the criticism which Satsuma had showed about the covering “desk”’s opinion at the “desk” meeting 1 month before because of incoherence of his opinions.The other was the president’s displeasure against Satsuma. The covering “desk” was the strongest flunky for the short man and was often called in to the president’s room with phone call.

It was sure that the source of the story about Satsuma’s bullying the assistant was the covering “desk”.They might have collaborated in making up the story in the short man’s room. Because a senior’s bullying a female is supposed to be the most contemptible in offices and to be easily hated by all the workers.

The editor in chief did know that the president and his followers tended to tell lies in order to keep position. So their attempt to plunge Satsuma into a corner ended up failing and came to smoke.

6 months passed.
One day the editor in chief approached Satsuma in their office and said:
“I’d like to renew the content of our column for English conversation. Don’t you have any good idea? I’d like ask you to submit the new plan for that in a couple of days.”
“Sure”, Satsuma answered.

Satsuma’s plan was hailed by the editor in chief.
It was to ask the foreign instructers for English conversation to write the essentials for it in rotation.Satsuma was assumed to be the translater of the manuscripts written in English by them staying in Japan.

When Satsuma showed the resume of the plan to the 7 “desk”s and the editor in chief in a meeting,they asked Satsuma to ask 10 instructers to tell what they could write and to ask a few instructers to write manuscripts as models. Satsuma promised to demonstrate those next week.

Satsuma e-mailed friendly instructers to ask to be writers for the new column and to submit the materials which they could write in 500 words for every column through e-mail.And also told the fee for every manuscript would be 10,000 yen. In a few days they answered. Almost all of their ideas had quite new points of views about how to study English conversation and also about Japanese ways of thinking. The column would refresh readers’ mind and soon become popular with them, Satsuma thought.

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A week passed.
In the “desk” meeting, they didn’t clearly conclude that they would start new column with the plan Satsuma had showed. But they asked Satsuma to prepare the manuscripts for the renewal asking the instructers to write.It was ambiguous. But Satsuma had to ask them, because he was a “desk” in charge of making the new column.
He asked.

A week passed again.
In the night of the day when the “desk” meeting was held in the daytime, the editor in chief came up to Satsuma and said:
“In spite that I agreed with your plan about renewal, I should change my opinion. It isn’t acceptable. Could you change the plan into different way? Because your plan seems to become offensive for many readers of our newspaper.”

Satsuma’s intuition told that the will of the short man existed behind the scenes.
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