A mishap 5 (The end)


(continued from "A mishap 4"=in the table below)

All of a sudden, the editor in chief has changed his support for Satsuma’s new idea for the English conversation column.
“What’s the reason for your remarkable shift on my idea? Could you tell it to me precisely?”
Satsuma went to the editor’s room and asked. But his answer was the same as he had told before.

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“There would be a lot of readers who feel annoyed reading our column made with your new idea. Because in the new column there would be a lot of criticism against Japanese society and ways of thinking according to the tentative manuscripts and resumes by 10 foreigners.”

The editor in chief turned 180 degrees around since “the criticizing points of view against Japan” was the very reason why he had come to agree with Satsuma’s idea.

It was sure that the short man had stopped the editor from realizing Satsuma’s column at the back. Satsuma really wanted to confirm the fact that the president had told the editor something negative against Satsuma’s project. But Satsuma ceased from doing that because he didn't have any evidence for that and also it was not constructive.
The editor would have answered laughing:
“It’s only a prejudice.”

Instead of asking that,Satsuma told the editor:
“If my idea is dangerous,why don't we change the principle to ask a skillful native instructor for English conversation to cover the column specialized only in good expressions for conversation? It would become far better than now,because the Japanese writer now for our column often shows unnatural phrases and is criticized by readers with mails and e-mails as you know.”
And also told:
“But we should pay 10,000yen as a manuscript fees for everybody of 10 foreign people who have submitted manuscripts and ideas to us.If we don't pay it,it would become an international problem.”
“I’ve got you.”
The editor answered unwillingly.

It was 3 days after the conversation between Satsuma and the editor in chief that the short man called Satsuma to his room and told Satuma’s personnel change to a local correspondent in Tochigi-prefecture.
Satsuma rejected it because he did know the short man’s displeasure against him.If Satsuma had accepted the offer,new difficulties would have happened to him from the short man’s trap after the transfer.The short man has been notorious for his taste for the ax.

Satsuma supposed him to be fond of watching the scenes that reporters begged their lives groveling at his feet.The proposal for transfer was the last thing that Satsuma would accept.

“It's the business policy.We cannot change anymore.”
The short man told coercively.
“Well,I would think of the best solution for that.”
Satsuma replyed to him and left from his room.

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 On the next day,Satsuma submitted the document with the reasons why he couldn’t accept the transfer to the personnel department of his company.In the document Satsuma also told specificly the short man’s partiality toward workers. It was the first time that the short man’s partiality was reported to the department.It was revealed after everything was settled.

In short man’s regime for 10 years, no worker confided the short man’s injustice to the personnel department.
It mustn’t have been because of their decency.

In a week after Satsuma’s report to the department,a personnel change was announced.That was concerning the short man.He was demoted to the president of a subsidiary.In 6 months,Satsuma was also shifted to another department for research.Satsuma’s transfer depended on his proposal.But it is clear that he is sidetracked.

It is what the personnel manager decided with his sense for justice.

This long story is the truth which has happened to Satsuma these 2 years.
Courageous Satsuma is my best friend.

(The end)

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