Declination of recognition


 A gap between superficial recognition of our own selves and reality always bears a tragedy or comedy.

 Replying to the invitation of my former fellow worker, lately I joined a farewell party for him for forced retirement at a town in Tokyo metropolis. The organizer was himself to be sent-off and his house is situated there. He has turned just 60 years old last month and paid the whole expense for it.

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 The reason why I had to join the party riding on trains all the way from my house spending over 2 hours was because I couldn’t join the send-off party on the 4th of March held at a high-class restaurant in Tokyo. According to his report, 29 people except me joined this party, which was quite successful. It cost 500 thousand yen (4300 American dollars,2500 pounds).He also paid it.

 He picked me up at a station near the venue, and gave me a list of attendance written by him. The number of the attendance was 15. After seeing cherry blossoms walking around a pond with me, he showed me into a hotel situated at a hill close to the pond.

 The banqueting room with huge glass windows had a quite fine view of the pond (the picture is shown in “gallery”).At the center of the room with 30 straw-mats, there was a long table covered with white cloth, where the beautiful dishes for 15 attendances were already set on. On the dishes, I found “Sashimi”(law fish),”Tempura” , ”Sushi” and so on.

“Why don’t we start the party? They would show up while we are eating.”
 The man whom I had worked with said, acting as host at the party.
The people who had appeared then were only 5 out of 15 supposed.
We ,6 people including the organizer, started the party, massing at the end of the table.The space of the table for the other 9 was naturally bigger than ours and dishes for them were set on the table rightly.

 He introduced every member cheerfully trying to make the atmosphere happy. But we couldn’t avoid sinking down.
After 30 minutes passed he started calling each of the 9 people with his mobile. But he seemed to be unable to talk with anyone because of absence or so.

“He is now exercising in dancing. He’ll show up soon.”
He told such an excuse a couple of times after calling.

 In over 1 hour, an old pair left the room.
Because of the walkout,I recognized that I couldn’t leave.If I had left there in addition,the mood would have become chilled a lot.In fact, beforehand I had planned leaving halfway because I don’t drink.

 In 20 minutes after the pair, one attendance who is 58 years old left saying,”I have a meeting in 10 minutes.”
Only I and a 75 year-old women besides the organizer remained.I perceived again that I could’nt leave all the more.

 He repeated calling and excuse of their absence.
I found him sweated on his dark face,which had become more blakish than before.He is sufferring from hepatitis.

“What a waste.”she said looking at the dishes for 9 again and again.
I had to stay until 8 o’clock when he proposed the closing.

 He must have overestimated his popularity with his friends due to the “success” at the 1st party to his cost.

 On the way home in a train at night, I came up with the scene on the day 2 months before when another ex-colleague had just to meet with 6 o’clock, the closing hour of his last day for working because of forced retirement.

 Just before 10 minutes to 6 o’clock he became sick cold turkey and started vomitting into a sink in our office with a big moan.
A moan had been becoming a groan gradually.His unusualness caught a lot of eyes.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I couldn’t sleep well last night.”

 Replying to the question by his fellow worker, he answered quite painfully.In the sink,a lot of dark brown spew stuck and gathered up to the middle point of it and stank.

 He fell down on the floor to lie on his face, and continued to vomit painfully moaning. The carpet became dirty.Around 20 workers surrounded him making a circle and only kept an eye on him at the center for 30 minutes.He was sent to emergency hospital eventually.

 It was told afterwards that he was suffering from a stomach ulcer.

 He was proud that he had been headhunted from a local paper to our nationwide broadsheet 20 years ago and he talked big often that since he didn’t like our company’s tradition he would have liked quit his job.

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 On looking at his vomit,I comprehended that his instinct really hated his forced retirement as much as vomit. His vomit was real voice of his own, I interpreted.
 His retirement was extremely impressive.

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